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The old one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work. We’re creating brand new approaches that deliver measurable results.

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We surveyed more than 15,000 leaders and 2,000 HR pros in the Global Leadership Forecast 2021. Learn what they said.

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What kind of data do you need to guide your leadership strategy? We’ll show you.

The Most Widely Used Interviewing System in the World


Only 14% of hiring managers are confident in their hiring decisions.


80% of employee turnover comes from bad hiring decisions.


The financial cost of a bad hire can exceed twice the salary of the position.

Sanofi Delivers Global Frontline Success

Dedicated to human health and empathy, they launched an ambitious growth plan to become the world’s top diversified healthcare company.

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Launching Successful Leaders at Progressive

They needed a change: onboard and develop newly promoted supervisors, helping build a pipeline of leaders to drive continued growth.

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Creating Performance Management at Hanesbrands Inc.

Their first step to drive employee performance? Move away from one-and-done annual performance reviews, and move to a process focused on more conversations.

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How Sparrow Health Closed the Gender Leadership Gap

While women hold most of the nursing healthcare roles on the frontline, men dominate the c-level leadership ranks. We set out to change that.

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Wawanesa Strategically Develops Leaders

As the largest property and casualty insurer in Canada needed to modernize the company for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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How CI Financial Supports Women Leaders

Women leaders were underrepresented in the leadership ranks. And those women who were in leadership roles needed support in order to be positioned for promotions.

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Hanesbrands Inc.
CI Financial