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About DDI’s
Leadership Databank

Leadership Practices:
What’s Proven. What’s “Worth Less.”

Title: About DDI’s Leadership Databank

The proven and “worth less” practices described in this guide are based on more than a decade of research into the factors that drive leadership performance. The analytics for the data included here cross multiple studies bringing together data from over 62,000 leaders and HR professionals from more than 2,400 organizations. Each of these studies (described below) was conducted by DDI’s Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research, in conjunction with our partner organizations.

While DDI data scientists led the effort to turn this wealth of data into usable insights, we must thank the organizations that contributed their time to collect the data in the first place. Obviously, without their support we would have nothing to share.

Study Date Sample Description
Global Leadership Forecast 2015 13,000+ Leaders
1,500+ HR Professionals
2,000+ Organizations
25 findings about how ready-now leaders drive financial success, how talent programs impact leader readiness, and actions for mitigating risks to program success
High-Resolution Leadership 2016 15,000+ Leaders from frontline to C-suite
300+ Organizations
A collection of findings that reflects how leadership shapes today's business landscape, spanning everything from how leaders impact financial growth and execute economic turnaround to the ways in which they rise to the top
Divergent Views/Common Ground 2017 2,800+ Leaders, from frontline to C-suite at 14 Organizations Study based on surveys and interviews with Millennial leaders, non-Millennial leaders, and current CEOs, to compare their leadership perspectives
Proof That DDI’s Leadership Development Pays Off 2017 18,000+ Leaders and 12,000+ Observers
150+ Organizations
Aggregation of impact studies and analyses on the effectiveness of DDI’s Interaction Management® leadership development program

DDI’s Leadership Databank shows which practices are really the best—and which ones to revise or abandon.

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