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Generation Frustration (Part 2)


In part 2 of our interview with generational expert Tim Dean, we discuss the impact that Gen X is having, Gen Z's entrance into the workforce, & the one word leaders stop using. (Episode 5)

We discuss the impact that Generation X is having and the next generation to enter the workforce (Episode 5)


Generation Frustration (Part 2)

19 minutes | June 10, 2019

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Leadership 480 Podcast - Episode 5 - Tim Dean Part 2

In part 2 of our conversation with Tim Dean, we conclude our talk about the most generationally diverse workforce in modern history. Listen to learn specifically how Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z are similar in their career goals while also being vastly different. (And find out the answer to last episode’s cliffhanger: What is the name of the generation after Gen Z?)


2:44 – What’s seen as important only to Millennials is actually important to every generation—finding purpose in their work. Each group just has a different definition of meaning.

5:48 – We’ve always had a multigenerational workforce, so what makes the current situation so special?

7:19 – Understanding how the differences in Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z as employees has a lot to do with how they were raised.

11:20 – Tips for leaders of multigenerational teams. Hint: Stop asking “Why?”

14:13 – Tim’s most impactful moment as a leader. 

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