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C-Suite Assessment

Critical intel on your highest risk leadership decisions

Jay Romans - Why We Need Assessments

Stepping into an executive role is a risky commitment for both the executive and the company. That’s why it’s critical for both companies and C-suite candidates to have the best data possible about their fit for the role, how to prepare, and what it will take to succeed once in the role.

DDI’s C-suite assessments accurately predict how executive candidates will perform in the role by observing them in the most natural way possible: By putting them in the situation and letting them make their own choices. Engineered to create an immersive experience simulating the real challenges candidates will face on the job, and combining insights gained with data from career achievement interviews and dispositional inventories, our C-suite assessments are customized to be specific to both the role (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.) and the company’s unique set of Business Drivers.

3 Types of Executive Assessment for Making High Quality Talent Decisions
Executive assessment is the best way to make the best selection and development decisions about your talent.

This approach enables companies to accurately predict whether the candidates are ready right now for open roles, as well as pinpoint areas for development for executives who are being considered for executive roles down the road. DDI’s C-Suite Assessment help companies to:

  • Benchmark leaders against global and industry standards leveraging DDI’s database of assessments from thousands of organizations worldwide.
  • Ensure that the selection process is objective and unbiased.
  • Secure support from the board of directors, HR, and other executives that the candidate is the right fit for the role.
  • Mitigate risk related to candidates’ weaknesses and develop them for success.
  • Accurately and fairly compare internal candidates for the role with external candidates.

In addition to offering powerful insights to help the company make the right decisions about executive talent, DDI’s assessment process also offers a transformative experience for C-suite candidates. With feedback from our expert executive coaches, DDI’s simulations help leaders to:

  • Gain a clear picture of the job ahead and make a commitment to the role.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how their actions are perceived by others.
  • Focus their development on the key areas that will make them more effective.
  • Demonstrate their ability to grow in reaction to coaching and feedback to prepare for future roles.

Pairing assessment with coaching

Data from a CEO Assessment should't sit in a file. DDI Executive Coaches can use the rich data from the assessment to develop a custom coaching and development plan tailored to the strengths and development needs of the individual. Whether an executive is transitioning into the CEO role, moving within the organization, or an emerging executive wanting to grow their leadership skills, DDI coaches are by their side to provide energizing support for the road ahead.

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