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Executive Interview Assessment

Insight to Make Decisions with Speed

Selection, promotion, and development at the very top is risky. And sometimes your own people are too close to the situation to be truly objective. That's why it can be helpful to get an outside perspective from experienced professionals who are only interested in your company's success.

With DDI's executive interview assessments, our highly trained interviewers will help you get a full, balanced, and objective view of your candidates. We'll work with you to build a fully customized experience, which can include exercises such as a business case.

Whether you're hiring for your CEO, a senior vice president, or a lower-level executive, we will tailor our executive interview assessments to your unique needs. 

And best of all? We can work fast.

When You Need to React Fast

Our executive interview assessment is built to help you quickly gain objective insight when you need to move with speed. Here are some situations where we've worked with clients to quickly gain insight when they had an urgent need:

  • Rapid restructuring as they launched a new business strategy.
  • Creating special new business units.
  • Filling a critical executive role after an unexpected departure.
  • Onboarding new executives quickly.
  • Choosing between internal and external candidates.
  • Reducing bias in executive selection.

With DDI's executive interview insights, you'll be sure of your talent decisions, even when you are moving fast.

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Avoid Blind Spots

One of the most common errors we see when companies do internal-only interviews for executive positions is their blind spots.

When you like someone and are rooting for their success, it's easy to see everything they do in a positive light. Likewise, you might overlook the capability of someone you don't know as well or who never occurred to you for the role.

Our job is to help you see past those blind spots. We'll go beyond past performance and relationships to help you understand executive competence and potential.

And remember: We've done this thousands of times. So we can also help you understand how your executives stack up to others.

The data is spot on, yet the ability to pressure test my thinking about how different participants may perform in different assignments (and with different colleagues) was truly powerful.  

— Business Unit President

Insight into Personality

Optionally, you can include personality insight into your executive interview assessments. Your executives will answer a series of questions about their preferences and habits that will help us understand their natural leadership strengths. And more importantly, we can help identify potential issues that could derail their success.

Our trained coaches incorporate this data into our feedback sessions. That way, you get a full, well-rounded picture of the individual. Even better, the candidate can gain deeper insight into how they can improve their behavior for better performance, either in their current or future role.

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Feedback That Fuels Development

The big question is what your executives do next.

With the data from our executive interview assessments, you might decide to propel them into a new role right away. As they step into the role, they can leverage the assessment insights to focus their development and hit the ground running.

And if they aren't ready for a new role? The data offers a path forward to help them grow for greater effectiveness in their current role and future promotions.

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