DDI’s Third-party Service Providers (“Subprocessors”) and Licensees

This listing is effective as of April 26, 2022

Development Dimensions International, Inc. (“DDI”) will use some or all of the subprocessors listed below in order to assist in the provision of its Products and Services to its Clients. A subprocessor is a third party engaged by DDI that processes personal data on behalf of DDI. Additional Products or Services-specific subprocessors may be identified in statements of work or other written agreements including, but not limited to an amendment to the Master Agreement.

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Approved sub-processors (affiliates and third parties) Countries where personal data will be stored Processing activity concerned 
21ViaNet  China  Application hosting (Chinese language users only) 
Acclaim  United States  Provides digital badging for officially recognized DDI certifications.  
Alibaba Cloud  China  Chat support tool for Chinese-language users only 
Askform China Chinese Language user third party 360 survey provider  
Cisco WebEx  United States   Telecommunications platforms  
Coaching.com United States  Management platform used to support DDI coaching engagements.   
Consultores Target Limitada  United StatesThird-party Licensees are resellers of DDI’s Intellectual Property.  
cVent  United States  Online registration portal used for workshop registration.  
Duja Consulting  United States   Third-party Licensees are resellers of DDI’s Intellectual Property.  
Expedient  United States  Primary and secondary data centers for DDI products 
Hogan Assessment Systems, Inc.  United States  Processes and stores responses to personality questionnaires.  
Management Service Center, Co., Ltd. (MSC)  United StatesThird-party Licensees are resellers of DDI’s Intellectual Property.  
MHS Assessments  United States   Provides online self-assessment (Utilized with BIL)  
Microsoft  United States   Cloud productivity tools, VoIP, and application hosting. Used with Pinpoint.  
Profiling Online  Australia, United Kingdom or United States  Third party 360 survey provider. Uses Microsoft Azure application hosting.  
PT Daya Dimensi  United States   Third-party Licensees are resellers of DDI’s Intellectual Property.  
Qualtrics  United States  Service platform that hosts DDI surveys.  
Rhabit  United States  Platform through which individuals can provide anonymous feedback to their peers.  
RiManggis  China  Bulk email delivery and management tool (Used with DDI China Products)  
ScheduleOnce  United States  Online scheduling system  
ServiceNow  United States  DDI’s customer support tool. Stores contact details for support communications  
SNA-DDI  United States   Third-party Licensees are resellers of DDI’s Intellectual Property.  
Target DDI  United States   Third-party Licensees are resellers of DDI’s Intellectual Property.  
Taurus Group ConsultingUnited StatesThird-party Licensees are resellers of DDI’s Intellectual Property.
Twilio  United States  Used for voice capture with L3, MR and AT, and bulk email delivery and management.  
ViaTech  United States  Content delivery party for electronic delivery of materials.  
Zoom  United States  Telecommunications platforms  

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*If DDI utilizes its global subsidiaries throughout the term of this Agreement, data can be processed in countries up to and including the following: Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. 

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