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DDI’s Third-party Service Providers

For the provision of Products and Services, DDI utilizes the following third party service providers:

  • Acclaim - Digital badging for officially recognized DDI certifications. (Used for DDI’s FCP, FQP, TS®, and Success ProfilesSM Card Sort)
  • cVent - Online registration portal (Used with IM® and BIL®)
  • Hogan Assessment Systems, Inc. - Third party who produces personality inventories (Used with all assessments)
  • Expedient – Primary and secondary (disaster recovery) data centers (Used with all products)
  • Magna5 formerly known as NetServe365 - DDI’s data managed services platform/customer support partner (Used with all products)
  • Mindmarker - Third party delivery of online and mobile content (Included with IM® and BIL®)
  • Microsoft – Cloud productivity tools, VoIP, and application hosting (Used with DDI's PinpointSM)
  • NTT - DDI’s network monitoring partner (Used with all products)
  • Profiling Online - Third party 360 survey provider (Used with LM®)
  • Qualtrics - Service platform that hosts DDI surveys (Used with all products)
  • Rustici Software - Content delivery party (Included with WBT and Microcourses)
  • ScheduleOnce – Online scheduling system (Used with MR, Leader3 Ready®, and AT)
  • ServiceNow - DDI’s customer support Tool (Used with all products)
  • Sendgrid – Bulk email delivery and management tool (Used with all Talent Portal applications)
  • Twilio – Used for voice capture (Included with MR, Leader3 Ready®, and AT)
  • ViaTech – Content delivery party for electronic delivery of materials (Included with IM®, BIL®, TS®, and WBT)
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