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DDI’s Third-party Service Providers and Licensees

This listing is effective as of Dec 2, 2019.
(Click here to download a PDF version of this list.)

Third-party Service Providers

For the provision of Products and Services, DDI utilizes the following third-party service providers:

  • Acclaim - Digital badging for officially recognized DDI certifications. (Used for DDI’s FCP, FQP, TS®, and Success ProfilesSM Card Sort)
  • cVent - Online registration portal (Used with IM® and BIL®)
  • Hogan Assessment Systems, Inc. - Third party who produces personality inventories (Used with all assessments)
  • Expedient – Primary and secondary (disaster recovery) data centers (Used with all products)
  • Magna5 formerly known as NetServe365 - DDI’s data managed services platform/customer support partner (Used with all products)
  • Microsoft– Cloud productivity tools, VoIP, and application hosting (Used with DDI's PinpointSM)
  • NTT - DDI’s network monitoring partner (Used with all products)
  • Profiling Online - Third party 360 survey provider (Used with LM®)
  • Qualtrics - Service platform that hosts DDI surveys (Used with all products)
  • Rhabit - Platform through which individuals can provide anonymous feedback to their peers (Used with with IM®)
  • Rustici Software - Content delivery party (Included with WBT and Microcourses)
  • ScheduleOnce – Online scheduling system (Used with MR, Leader3 Ready®, and AT)
  • ServiceNow - DDI’s customer support Tool (Used with all products)
  • Sendgrid – Bulk email delivery and management tool (Used with all Talent Portal applications)
  • Twilio – Used for voice capture (Included with MR, Leader3 Ready®, and AT)
  • ViaTech – Content delivery party for electronic delivery of materials (Included with IM®, BIL®, TS®, and WBT)

Third-party Licensees

Third-party Licensees are resellers of DDI’s Intellectual Property.  These resellers cover various geographic locations and can provide coverage of delivery in their specific location should the need arise. The following are DDI Licensees:

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