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Unleash Hidden Potential

Build your competitive edge through diversity and inclusion.

Companies have been investing in diversity efforts for decades without making much headway. Primarily, efforts to build greater diversity and inclusion have focused on three things:

  1. Raising awareness
  2. Statements of intent with new values statements
  3. Introducing diversity quotas

Few organizations have been successful in meeting their goals for diversity using these approaches, and as a result, have not reaped the business benefits.

In our latest eBook, Unleash Hidden Potential: Build your competitive edge through diversity and inclusion, we dive into the cost and opportunity of hidden potential.


Listen to it

The eBook’s authors discuss hidden potential in a series of three podcasts:

Hidden Potential is Your Competitors’ Biggest Weapon
Why we need diversity, what the risks are of ignoring it, and what kinds of diversity we need.

Five Barriers to Achieving Diversity
The five barriers that prevent organizations from achieving diverse leadership.

How to Fix the System
Concrete steps that organizations can take to overcome the barriers.

Learn more about it

Visit the main Unleash Hidden Potential page to learn more about leveraging the power of diversity and inclusion in your organization.

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