Café DDI Roundtable: Building a Dynamic Workforce


In this Café DDI Virtual Roundtable, we address the topic: Building a Dynamic Workforce

Business team meeting

Burnout is the dirty little secret of the workplace. Everyone experiences it, but no one wants to talk about it. The more stressful things get, the more companies risk creating a burnout culture. And right now, things are at maximum stress levels. The prolonged saga of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to radically change their business model. And in many cases, they’re doing it with much smaller workforces. 

Add to that, many people are faced with a lot of personal stress outside of work, as things like politics, childcare issues, homeschooling, and isolation cause anxiety. As the burnout culture accelerates, it creates a huge retention risk. 

In this session, our presenters will discuss what leaders and organizations can do to avoid contributing to burnout culture, and instead, drive energy and engagement.