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Café DDI Roundtable: Building a Hybrid Workplace Culture


In this Café DDI Virtual Roundtable, we address the topic: Building a Hybrid Workplace Culture

Hybrid Working Culture

Post pandemic woes, talent shortages, and low bench strength have forced organizations to adapt and explore new work arrangements. In this recovery phase, companies have reinvented themselves and adopted new business models to prepare themselves for future work.   Some would say the Hybrid workplace is the future of work. This business model merges remote work and office work.  In terms of structure, this could differ depending on the organization and its needs. But what about culture? Each organization used to have its own office work culture. Now companies face the challenge of building a hybrid office culture that solidifies their organizations' values and goals.  

What else is new? DDI teamed up with Zalamea, the leading actuarial services, retirement consulting and HR administration firm with over 50 years of experience. We hope this partnership will bring forth diversity and more insightful stories. 

To help you, Café DDI is back with more Virtual Roundtables bringing world-class Experts and Thought Leaders in one venue to answer your pressing business and talent concerns.