Cream of the Crop | Effective Senior Talent Selection


On-demand Webinar: Watch Episode 1 of DDI LeaderLab which discusses how to ensure your succession management strategies are aligned with new business priorities.

As the effects of the crisis stabilize, organizations take stock of the impact and what has changed around them to assess new risks and opportunities. Armed with the facts, they can quickly identify and address new risks, while looking for the strengths they can leverage in the new landscape.

A vital part of this process is ensuring that succession management strategies are realigned with new business priorities.

What can organizations do to ensure this alignment?

Bringing us insights and answers to this question is Marina Ningkan, Managing Director of DDI Malaysia. Marina’s extensive experience leading large-scale initiatives, including complex succession management and talent development rollouts for local and global clients makes her an ideal thought leader to join, as she delves into:

  • What are some Common Pitfalls to avoid?
  • Best Practices from the pioneers of the industry! 
  • How successful organization leverage data and insights to drive their decisions. 
  • The value of assessment centers as part of your succession management strategies.