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Leadership Development Online: How to Design a Virtual Learning Journey


On-demand Webinar: Learn how to curate and deliver a seamless leadership development experience in a virtual world.

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No one knows for sure how this global crisis will shape the future, but we do know that things will change for most businesses. And for our industry, the future will be virtual; more than 60% of organizations are currently exploring ways to pivot to virtual leadership solutions.

Now is the time to make sure that your leaders have the support and skills they need to thrive in tough and disruptive times. With the "new normal" of remote teams and travel restrictions, how can you develop the most critical leadership skills in a fully virtual world?

With DDI by your side, you can design and deliver powerful leadership development programs that drive measurable change for leaders and your organization. If you're exploring the best ways to blend live virtual classroom, on-demand courses, microlearning, and other online options, this webinar will provide key takeaways, actionable tactics, and an overview of DDI's solutions.

In this on-demand webinar, we will explore:

  • Fundamental design principles for high-impact leadership development
  • Elements of a blended, fully virtual learning journey
  • How to curate and deliver a seamless experience in a virtual world

Leadership Development Online: How to Design a Virtual Learning Journey
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