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On-demand Webinar: Experience DDI's award-winning Manager Ready® assessment which provides a realistic simulation of a manager's role.

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High performers often seem like the best candidates for leadership roles. But the jump to leadership is often overwhelming. And if it's a bad fit, you could end up losing both the manager and several of their team members. But an immersive simulation-based leadership assessment can help.

DDI's award-winning Manager Ready® assessment is a realistic simulation of a manager's role. Your leaders are quickly immersed in the job and challenges of a frontline leader. It's up to them to show how they would really react on the job. The result? Deeper data. Better leadership choices. Personalized development. And more ready leaders at the frontline.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll demo Manager Ready to see if it’s right for your leaders.

We'll also explore:

  • The impact of immersive development experiences
  • How Manager Ready works and what it measures
  • How this assessment can help personalize development
  • Powerful and actionable data you get with Manager Ready

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Prepare Frontline Leaders Faster
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