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Leadership 480SM

We failed to create a 25th hour in the day. Instead, we created Leadership 480SM.

Based on our experience working with millions of leaders around the world for five decades, we have come to one simple conclusion: Time is the number one barrier to great leadership. The constant demands on leaders’ time and attention creates tremendous focus on what’s urgent, while ignoring what’s important.

We can change that. Leadership 480SM is DDI’s strategic framework to help you hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders who maximize their effectiveness in every minute, every day, and every month of their careers. And it all revolves around one powerful number: 480.

Make every moment of leadership count

At DDI, our mission is to help companies hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders. But while every organization needs phenomenal leadership, time presents a major barrier to success. The sense of urgency to fill open leadership positions often causes them to go to people who aren’t ready or suited for the roles. And once they get into the roles, their busy schedules make it difficult to find time for development.

This issue occurs at every level of leadership, from those who are becoming leaders for the first time up to the CEO. The result is that leaders take shortcuts, often resorting to behaviors that have made them successful in the past. However, the reality is that each level of leadership requires a new set of skills that are drastically different than what works in previous roles.

Our approach to creating outstanding leaders hinges on helping companies think strategically about making a meaningful investment of time at the right moments to choose and develop these leaders. And we call that approach Leadership 480SM.

Leadership 480

Leadership 480 is a strategic framework to help companies invest their time wisely to hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders at every level. The framework is built on the fundamental need to maximize the use of a limited amount of time.

As a reminder of that limit, DDI anchors our approach to leadership on the number 480, which has meaningful implications across three horizons: 480 minutes in a day, 480 work days in a two-year business cycle, and 480 months across a 40-year career.

480 Minutes - Days - Months

480 Minutes

Build Core leadership skills for everyday success

Every work day, leaders have 480 minutes to make a difference. It’s in their minute-to-minute interactions throughout the day that leaders have the greatest impact on others – either positive or negative. To be effective in these small but critical daily moments, every leader needs to develop essential leadership skills that will help them connect with and motivate others. Having trained more than 10 million leaders worldwide, DDI’s Core 480SM program is proven to give leaders foundational skills that last throughout their careers.

Develop core leadership skills

480 Days

Meet business Challenges in your two-year business cycle

When companies set their strategic and business priorities for their two-year business cycle, they often fail to ask a crucial question: Are our leaders equipped to meet these challenges? With only 480 work days to accomplish their goals, leaders need to develop their skills early in the cycle to be able to deliver the desired results. DDI offers thoughtfully designed leadership development programs that address the specific cultural and business priorities of your organization.

Prepare leaders to meet business challenges

480 Months

Strategically advance leaders at every level of their Careers

Building a strong pipeline of leaders who are ready to take on larger roles requires preparation before, during, and after the transition to new roles. But with pressure to focus on short-term goals, critical long-term planning often gets put aside. Consequently, many leaders are promoted as a matter of routine or urgent need to fill a position, rather than because they are ready and the right fit for the position. The result is that leaders often find themselves on unfulfilling career paths, while their organizations experience a shortage of people who are ready to step up into key roles.

DDI’s leadership assessment and development options will help you identify and accelerate highly capable leaders at every level from frontline leaders up to the CEO.

Create high-impact leadership careers

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