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Accelerate your leaders for maximum business impact

Is your leadership development strategy a puzzle you can’t solve?

As industry leaders, we understand the challenges of creating a leadership development program that is digitally savvy, aligned to your business, and has lasting impact on leader behavior.

Our programs address each of above challenges and provide an engaging, personalized learner experience that will:

  • Prepare frontline and mid-level leaders for the challenges of the new digital environment.
  • Quickly advance current leaders to senior-level and critical positions.
  • Ensure you have the best leaders in the best roles to maximize business impact.
  • Unleash the leadership potential of your entire workforce, not just a few.
  • Maximize your leadership development investment!

Here's how organizations like yours have achieved leadership success:

more positive leadership behaviors in the workplace
increase in customer satisfaction ratings
increase in sales after developing managers of sales reps

Define Your Leadership Future

We work with you to co-create a leadership development program that hardwires leadership capabilities to your business future. DDI helps you align your talent to your business with:

  • A definition of the key drivers for your organization, which include the strategic priorities, the business landscape, and the challenges your leaders will face.
  • A holistic profile of your leaders, by defining the competencies, experience, knowledge, and personal attributes required to develop your leaders and make them successful.
Define Your Leadership Future

Diagnose Leadership Strengths and Gaps

Arm yourself with the right intelligence to activate your leadership capability and accelerate leadership development with diagnostics. DDI can provide the capable tools you need to plot where your leaders fall on the path between current state and future capability with:

  • Leadership assessments at every level of the pipeline, from the frontline to the CEO for more actionable intelligence about your leaders.
  • A 360-degree multirater feedback system that identifies strengths and development needs of individuals and groups to help outline a custom leadership development plan.
Diagnose Leadership Strengths and Gaps

Develop Leaders for Today and Tomorrow

You need a strong pool of leaders with diverse talents who can execute your business strategy today and can quickly step up to meet the challenges of tomorrow. DDI will partner with you to create personalized learning experiences that are tailored to meet the needs of your leaders and the business drivers of your organization. Our solutions are available in multiple languages and virtual modalities to deliver your development initiatives wherever your leaders are located. We have the experience and infrastructure to scale and deliver exceptional results around the world to help you:

  • Build your leadership pipeline with development solutions at every level.
  • Create a rich learning experience for today’s learners.
  • Prepare leaders to leap into new roles with programs for successful transitions.
Develop Leaders for Today and Tomorrow

Design the Right Solution

Reimagine today’s learning with leadership development that intersects business strategy, department objectives, and the leader’s personal goals. But modern learners also demand “just for me” experiences that guide them to tools and learning that are both relevant and engaging.

Design, customize, and deliver the optimal learning blend for your leaders with our range of award-winning leadership development content and learning reinforcement tools, accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. Infuse your leadership development program with impactful micro courses, simulations, games, application tools, and just-in-time support.

DDI can help you to:

  • Design a personalized leadership development experience.
  • Create a common leadership experience, unifying your leaders to drive business results anywhere in the world.
Diagnose the Right Leadership Development Solution

Measure and Sustain Leadership

Crush the forgetting curve, sustain learning and development, and prove the bottom-line results of your efforts to key stakeholders. You can rely on DDI to help you build impact into your leadership development to:

  • Deliver actionable insights with leadership analytics.
  • Sustain learning with learning accelerators.
  • Engage managers to support leadership development.
Measure and Sustain Your Leadership Development Efforts
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