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Leadership Transitions

Preparing leaders to leap into a new role

Critical leadership transitions—especially when unplanned—are a huge disruption to an already unpredictable business environment.

With waves of retirements, senior managers moving into executive-level roles, and millennials or technical experts becoming first-time leaders, how are you managing leadership transitions?

Prepare leaders as they transition through critical points:

The first-time leadership transition

  • Accelerate leadership performance, while building foundational skills
  • Help new leaders engage, learn and grow in their roles
  • Tap insights about emerging leader readiness

The mid-level manager transition

  • Build the essential skills for operational success
  • Mitigate the risk of leaders moving into mid-level roles
  • Gain insights into emerging executives

The strategic leadership transition

  • Diagnose the strengths and gaps of your future senior leaders
  • Elevate leaders’ perspectives from operational to strategic
  • Focus future senior leaders on what will drive organizational success

The C-level transition

  • Anchor every talent decision to your organization’s strategic and cultural imperatives.
  • Confidently make high-risk promotion and development decisions
  • Leverage the highest level of leadership intelligence available.
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