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Learning Accelerators

Reinforce leadership development with sustainability tools

Only 15 percent of learners apply what they learn in training well enough to improve performance.

What if you had access to learning accelerators that help learners refresh, expand, or apply what they learned—without having to create more content or launch another program?

What if you could crush the forgetting curve and instead build and sustain development over time?

Development Curve

In addition to an extensive library of courses and microcourses, DDI’s leadership development solutions are designed with a variety of plug-and-play options and tools that reinforce learning and accelerate performance, including:

Activities and Tools

Activities and tools designed to be used before, during, and after formal training to enhance the skills learned and guide practical, on-the-job application.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning tools like just-in-time support or a training reinforcement app to increase learning retention.


Online business simulations for learners to practice skills in a safe learning environment.

Video Game

Multi-level, animated video game for the modern learner to apply leadership skills and receive immediate feedback.

Ideas for Social Media

Practical ideas and discussion starters for your social media platforms to encourage peer learning and dialogue.

Other Resources

Engage managers to support leadership development and prove results with analytics and measurement.

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