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Manager Support for
Leadership Development

Gain manager buy-in to support and reinforce development

How often do you hear, “Is my boss going through this training too?”

Managers of learners play a critical role in supporting and reinforcing development efforts—and helping your organization realize a return on your L&D investment.

Do you struggle with:

  • Leaders going back to their jobs after training with little guidance on how to apply skills and monitor progress?
  • Managers not knowing how to support their team’s development?
  • Development efforts falling short because there’s no buy-in from managers?

DDI’s leadership development systems Interaction Management® and Business Impact Leadership® are designed with content and tools for managers of leaders. Take a look at below video for tips and tools to help your managers support training initiatives:

Manager Support is the missing link in your training programs. Here are tips to get them involved. ​

Tools and Content

Reinforcing Leadership Development

Designed for managers of leaders participating in an Interaction Management program, this course provides managers of learners with the skills and resources they need to support their leaders before, during, and after training. Learn more.

Manager’s Guides

All courses are designed with Manager’s Guides that provide a brief outline of key content so both managers and learners are on the same page. They can share a common leadership language and reinforce the same skills.


Managers and their teams can use an online tool to practice new skills in a safe environment and get real-time feedback. Learn more about simulations.

Mobile Support

With DDI® AnyTime, managers of learners have a coach-in-their-pocket and can provide just-in-time support to coach their teams.

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