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Assessing Talent®

Situation-based behavioral assessments

DDI’s Assessing Talent® behavioral assessments include solutions for hiring, promoting, and growing leaders. These assessments provide the critical insight necessary to accelerate development for current and future leaders’ strengths and weaknesses.

Assessing Talent will help your organization:

  • Enhance selection decisions with in-depth analyses of candidates’ leadership or sales competencies. 
  • Provide candidates with a realistic preview of leadership challenges, enabling them to make better career decisions.
  • Improve new-hire readiness with targeted plans for development that reduce ramp-up time and lower training costs.
  • Reduce additional costs associated with travel, time, and administration.

These easy-to-use, highly-predictive assessments feature:

  • Modular components that can be tailored to job requirements.
  • Content that targets job-specific capabilities.
  • A day-in-the-life format that closely simulates workplace interactions.

The Assessing Talent series includes:

  • Assessing Talent: People Leader® accurately evaluates participants’ abilities to motivate, develop, and retain talent—ultimately improving unit productivity and engagement. (Finance, Manufacturing, and Service versions are available.)
  • Assessing Talent®: Sales Leader assesses the additional skills leaders need as they transition from client service to people managers, including coaching and executing sales strategy.
  • Assessing Talent®: Sales Professional incorporates specially-designed simulations and exercises to measure participants’ abilities to create demand, analyze issues, differentiate solutions, and provide value.
  • Assessing Talent®: Operational & Strategic Leader employs level-specific day-in-the-life executive simulations to deliver unparalleled insights into middle manager and strategic leader capabilities.

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Your candidates, participants and administrators now have full access to DDI's new technology support portal, Service Ready, where they can solve, troubleshoot or submit their own support requests.

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