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Classroom Leadership Training

Instructor-led training isn’t going away

You know that “one size fits all” doesn’t apply when it comes to leadership development.

With the availability of options like virtual classroom and access to microcourses, will face-to-face training go away? Based on what we’re learning from our clients, the answer is “No.” Research also shows that leaders still find formal training to be one of the most effective development methods, second only to in-role assignments. With new classroom trends and options like courses in under two-hours, classroom learning is evolving to meet the needs of today’s learners.

Learn more about the content from our award-winning leadership development systems ready to be delivered by our facilitators or yours.

Interaction Management®

More than 10 million managers and thousands of organizations have benefited from the world’s most proven leadership development system. With over 30 competency-based courses, Interaction Management is designed for traditional classroom, virtual classroom, and web-based delivery. Learn more about Interaction Management.

Business Impact Leadership®

A suite of high-impact courses specifically designed for mid-level and senior leaders, Business Impact Leadership will prepare your most critical leaders to meet leadership challenges and drive successful strategy execution. Learn more about Business Impact Leadership or preview the courses.

Find out the questions your leaders are asking when they enter the classroom. ​

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