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Impact Evaluation

Measure and prove the impact of your leadership initiatives

You know you need to measure impact—your stakeholders are demanding proof and ROI—but what’s keeping you from evaluating your programs? Research show that only 24 percent are gathering results metrics about their leadership programs. Many organizations don’t have the technical know-how or resources, or struggle on where and how to start.

Measurement made easy

So we made it easy. So easy that measurement is now built-in with our assessment and development solutions. We’ve designed a standard process so that you can:

  • Gain data and metrics on the effectiveness of your leadership initiatives.
  • Analyze multiple perspectives: from the participants and leaders themselves, observers, and senior management.
  • Identify opportunities to improve effectiveness and impact.
  • Get your data in a report, infographic, and slides—ready for that presentation to your stakeholders!

We’ve created all the tools and templates you need. DDI’s Impact Evaluation process starts with a set of standard benchmarking surveys to a target group of participants and observers. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Step 1: Determine survey participants
  • Step 2: Communicate and administer surveys
  • Step 3: Review results and generate action plan

Evaluate the Impact

You can measure the impact of specific DDI solutions:

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