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Interaction Management®

The most proven leadership development system

If your leadership development efforts aren't paying off, chances are you're not using Interaction Management®. Not all leadership development is created equal, and there's a sizable difference between what leadership programs deliver results and what doesn't. That's what sets IM® apart!

Designed to develop critical interpersonal and leadership skills through behavior modeling and practice, Interaction Management is a leadership development program that has been used by leading organizations to develop more than 10 million leaders worldwide and impact their business results. In a new study across 40+ years of research, data-based evidence proves how IM leadership programs have positively impacted organizations:

  • Increased employee engagement by 51%
  • Increased productivity by 36%
  • Improved quality of work by 48%
  • Decreased turnover by 77%

Develop exceptional leaders

Transform your frontline into exceptional catalyst leaders with Interaction Management, an award-winning and comprehensive competency-based leadership development system. Develop the Interaction EssentialsSM to increase the emotional intelligence of your leaders and individual contributors and use the STAR approach to provide effective feedback. IM leadership training can transform managers into the exceptional leaders your organization needs them to be—and exceptional people, even outside of the workplace!

A complete ecosystem for today's leader

Since it first debuted in 1973, the Interaction Management system has been continually updated and has evolved into a technology-enabled leadership development ecosystem. Get powerful results with an expansive offering of content, tools, and delivery options that meets your leaders' needs for engagement, learning, and growth. DDI's PinpointSM platform, included with Interaction Management courses, places diagnostic tools and acceleration resources at leaders' fingertips. Explore all the elements that include 30+ leadership development courses, assessments, games and simulations, manager support, application tools, measurement, and more.

Leadership built to be customized

Your organization and your learners have unique needs. Interaction Management is built to address them with multiple modalities, training and facilitation options, and custom solutions developed just for you. Our leadership program is designed to be flexible and adapt to your organization's unique challenges.

Leadership Development Courses

The Interaction Management Leadership Program is made up of a variety of customizable courses designed to fit your needs. Ranging from everything from interviewing to delegation, from coaching to building trust, you can select from the leadership courses that will have the biggest impact on your leaders to the next level of development.


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