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Connect Through Conversations

Interaction Management®

Communication: Connect Through Conversations

Much of a frontline leader’s work is accomplished through conversations, from the everyday routine to the extreme and tough challenges. Effective leaders are able to get things done through others by paying attention to the people doing the work.

This course teaches leaders that engaging the “head”—the business outcome of the conversation—is just as critical as recognizing and addressing the “heart”—people’s feelings such as being respected or appreciated. Leaders will recognize the role of emotional intelligence in success as a leader as they develop foundational leadership skills that apply to the wide range of workplace situations they must handle.

Do You Face Any of These Issues?

  • Do leaders struggle to maintain control over their emotions?
  • Do leaders fail to build trust and create an emotionally “safe” environment for their teams?
  • Does performance suffer because leaders don’t give people the feedback they need to perform to their potential?
  • Do leaders lack the interaction skills that help to keep a discussion on track toward achieving its purpose?

Performance Objectives

Helps leaders:

  • Conduct conversations that achieve the intended business goals.
  • Communicate and respond in ways that meet the unique personal needs of team members and others.
  • Recognize and react to emotions (their own and others’) present in work situations.
  • Use a technique to provide meaningful, supportive feedback.

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