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Leading Meetings:
Use Time Effectively

Interaction Management®

Leading Meetings: Use Time Effectively

Over 100 million meetings a day…and tremendous levels of inefficiency and frustration. Yet less than 20% of leaders have had any training on how to lead meetings effectively. Let’s reclaim wasted time and make meetings matter!

DDI partnered with Dr. Steven Rogelberg, the world’s authority on meetings, to present the science behind designing and leading effective meetings that engage and energize. Get an overview of the surprising science of meetings with Dr. Rogelberg's article in the Harvard Business Review on Why Your Meetings Stink - And What to Do About It

With this course, you can eliminate bad meetings (voted the #1 "time-killer" in organizations!) and make meetings more productive and inclusive. Leaders embark on an activity-filled exploration of techniques to drive intentionality, create impactful agendas, and encourage participation. Leaders will practice stewardship with a meeting makeover to make the best use of everyone’s time.

Do You Face Any of These Issues?

  • Do meetings feel like a waste of time?
  • Do meeting leaders fail to put together impactful agendas?
  • Are leaders prepared to facilitate and host meetings that get results?

Performance Objectives

Helps leaders make meetings matter by:

  • Mixing up their meeting approach with techniques that add variety and engagement.
  • Designing quality meetings with intentionality and purpose.
  • Preparing meaningful, impactful agendas.
  • Turning “attendees” into motivated “participators.”
  • Becoming a steward of others’ time. 
DDI’s Core 480 Program
Listen to Dr. Steven Rogelberg on The Leadership 480 Podcast

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