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Virtual Classroom Facilitator Booster Session

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Virtual Classroom Facilitator Booster Session

You have highly skilled DDI certified facilitators and now your organization needs to move from the traditional classroom to a virtual classroom. As they deliver leadership training through a virtual conferencing platform, engaging and effective facilitators are going to be a key factor in the success of your virtual classroom initiative.

DDI’s half-day Virtual Classroom Facilitator Booster Session will help your facilitators transfer the skills they learned in DDI’s Facilitator Certification Process workshop to the virtual classroom arena; taking into consideration the unique learning needs and technology challenges of a virtual setting.

Do You Face Any of These Issues?

  • Do you have leaders in remote locations who rarely have the opportunity to attend training
    to fill skill gaps?
  • Do your leaders need the opportunity to learn and network with peers across the world to share challenges and achieve results?
  • Are you being asked to provide training but cut travel budgets?
  • Do you have a large training initiative that needs to be delivered quickly in a short period of time?

Performance Objectives

Helps associates:

  • Understand how the competencies learned in DDI’s Facilitator Certification Process workshop translate into becoming an effective virtual classroom facilitator.
  • Learn how DDI’s classroom course design has been modified for a highly engaging virtual classroom delivery.
  • Learn how to use the virtual classroom materials, in conjunction with traditional classroom materials, to effectively deliver a virtual classroom course.
  • Understand best practices for virtual classroom implementation, preparation and delivery.
  • Identify development opportunities to enhance virtual classroom delivery skills.

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