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Leadership Under 120 Series

Classroom learning in less than 2 hours

Looking for a high-energy, high-engagement classroom experience?

DDI’s Interaction Management® system now includes Under120 courses, which are fast-paced, dynamic classroom sessions that are approximately 2 hours in length. Each course has a unique design and materials, and includes additional activities for a deeper dive into the topic and reinforcement tools to sustain learning.

These 2-hour leadership courses were designed to meet the needs of today’s learner and today’s workplace, where time is at a premium and energy is in high demand.

Coaching for Peak Performance

A leader’s ability to coach and provide feedback makes the difference between mediocrity and high performance. Good coaches help others find their own way—always guiding them toward improvement and independence. Each leader has a unique coaching persona—a style that can be leveraged to align with the many coaching opportunities that leaders encounter every day. In this course, leaders explore their personas to ensure that each coaching story is successful in part and in its entirety. They also learn three coaching techniques and how to effectively handle proactive and reactive coaching discussions. 

Driving Change

Managing and introducing change is the strongest predictor of a leader’s confidence in the face of today’s VUCA world. This course gives leaders the skills and techniques they need to accelerate the process of implementing change with their team members. They learn how to use a set of essential interaction skills to help people overcome their discomfort and turn resistance into commitment. Learners practice techniques, such as Control-No Control, that they can use with their teams after the session to help them move closer to embracing the change. 

Delegating with Purpose

Delegating with purpose is a way to ensure that everyone on the team is doing work that contributes to results and, when possible, developing new skills and expertise. Leaders identify the aspects of delegating they are uncomfortable with that prevents them from doing so more often by completing a self-assessment. They learn to identify the tasks they need to delegate, select the most appropriate individuals, assess capabilities and commitment, and plan the delegation discussion. That discussion includes the level of decision-making authority, the type of support needed, and the right level of follow-up. Learners receive a copy of Delegating Deeper Dive, which includes tips and tools for post-session practice and on-the-job application. This course is also available for virtual classroom delivery. 

Strategies for Influencing Others

How do leaders and individual contributors use personal power to influence others and gain their commitment to take action on ideas and opportunities? In this high energy session, individuals learn three influencing components—Strategies, Packaging, and Commitment—which are introduced in an engaging activity tied to movie quotes. Armed with a strategy for each stakeholder, individuals are able to capture peoples’ attention, transform their perspectives, and gain their commitment to take action. 

Your Leadership Journey

The move into leadership can be exciting but also rocky. New leaders often struggle to gain footing with developing skills, gaining their team’s trust, and meeting priorities—all at once. This course introduces three differentiators leaders can activate immediately in their new role to bring out the best in people while being authentic and receptive to feedback. Leaders learn what they can do to redraw boundaries and reshape relationships, particularly with former peers who now report to them. A robust tool prepares them to personally connect with their team members and get to know their motivations, personalities, and dreams as well as communicate expectations and goals that will carry the team forward. Learners also explore the concept of leadership presence and the characteristics they must demonstrate to establish credibility and achieve success.

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