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Sustainability Toolkit

Templates and Tools to Sustain Learning

Sustainability ToolkitThere is nothing easy about battling learners’ forgetting curve. These tools and templates can help you sustain learning and drive impact. Let us know how they work for you!

  1. T&D Sustainability Assessment - How are your sustainability efforts faring? Take five minutes to assess your current training/development initiatives.
  2. Manager Support Planner - Do your development efforts fall short because of lack of manager involvement? This planner offers up considerations for tools to provide managers to reinforce and sustain their direct reports’ learning.
  3. Sample Manager’s Guide - Before you send a leader through a program, think about sending the manager of the participant a guide that provides an overview of what the participant will learn and a to-do or action-item list before and after training to help the participant apply those skills back on the job. The guide provided is from DDI’s Fostering Innovation course.
  4. Sample Interview a Leader Guide - Talking with other leaders in an organization is a great way for a new leader to gain insight on how others have become effective leaders. Provide an interview guide to help encourage and streamline the process. The interview guide provided is from DDI’s Coaching for Peak Performance course.
  5. Interaction Skills Experience Simulation - Using a simulation is a fun way to provide insight about strength and development areas. In this simulation, the participant takes part in a discussion with a member of the team he/she leads. This person is alienating other team members with behavior that is starting to affect the performance of the whole team. The discussion is representative of the types of interactions leaders typically encounter.
  6. Post-Training Application Project Planner - Application, on-the-job, is where your leaders will learn how to put to use the concepts and skills that are learned in the classroom. Provide this template to your learners to encourage them to complete an application project.
  7. Pre-Training Development Planner - To set a leader up for success prior to attending training, have the leader meet with his/her manager before the session. This tool can be used as a discussion guide for the leader and the leader’s manager.
  8. Leading Indicator Survey - You’ve successfully conducted a training event, but is sustained behavior change likely? Administer this survey 2-3 weeks after training to get an early indication if you’re on your way to long-term results.
  9. Sustainability Planner - Behavior change is more likely to happen when learners have continual reinforcement and opportunities to practice new skills. Determining what activities would help you achieve the desired outcomes is not a one-size-fits all solution. This tool provides important questions to consider and a template you can use to plan out your informal learning activities.
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