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Targeted Selection®: Interviewer Refresher

Targeted Selection®

Targeted Selection®: Interviewer Refresher

The Targeted Selection®: Interviewer Refresher (TS®: Interviewer Refresher) is an online, self-paced course designed to sustain interviewer skills over the long-term. The program provides a review of concepts and skills needed to conduct a TS® interview properly. TS®: Interviewer Refresher can be used by previously trained TS interviewers for just-in-time tips to prepare for an interview, or it may be used to maintain process consistency across your organization as a review of TS from beginning to end.

Do You Face Any of These Issues?

  • Do your interviewers need just-in-time tips to prepare for interviews because they have not conducted interviews for several months?
  • Do you have inexperienced interviewers that would benefit from additional practice opportunities?
  • Are your interviewers straying from the TS process, resulting in negative candidate experiences and low job acceptance rates?
  • Do you want to provide your interviewers with additional skill-building opportunities to ensure consistency in your TS program?
  • Do your hiring managers need to brush up on their interviewing skills, but have limited time to spend reviewing material?
  • Do you need an automated tool to formalize your yearly TS review process with a structured approach to assess your interviewers’ understanding and application of TS concepts and skills?

Performance Objectives

Helps associates:
  • Build additional understanding of, and confidence in, TS concepts.
  • Prepare for and conduct an effective interview while making a positive impression on candidates to increase job acceptance rates.
  • Practice using Targeted Selection® skills.
  • Receive focused feedback to enhance the effectiveness of interviews.

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