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Targeted Selection®: Program Manager

A successful Targeted Selection® implementation relies on a solid execution plan that includes a focus on business needs, alignment, identifying selection criteria, communication, interviewer and trainer skill development, measurement, and accountability. Targeted Selection®: Program Managers have overall ownership and accountability to coordinate the elements of the program, keep the process on track, and ensure that the desired results are achieved.

The workshop focuses on implementation and realization. It includes planning tools, techniques and best practices for implementation planning.

Do You Face Any of These Issues?

  • Are you satisfied with the accuracy and results of your current hiring system? 
  • Are you satisfied with the accuracy and results of your current approach to identifying criteria for success for interviewing and selection?
  • Do you know the business objectives your organization hopes to accomplish by implementing Targeted Selection®?
  • Do you know the process steps to follow to develop a comprehensive implementation plan? 

Performance Objectives

Helps associates:
  • Identify business needs, objectives, barriers, and support.
  • Plan rollout and communication strategies.
  • Design an interviewing system and training solution.
  • Establish progress and outcome measures.
  • Develop an implementation timeline and ensure sustainability.

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