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Targeted Selection® Training Opportunities

Training courses for Targeted Selection interviewers

DDI’s Targeted Selection® training courses develop the skills interviewers need to engage candidates confidently, promote the organization’s hiring brand, gather and record job-relevant data for greater insight, and facilitate a legally defensible selection process.

Targeted Selection®: Interviewer

Delivered virtually or in a classroom setting, Targeted Selection: Interviewer builds the skills recruiters and hiring managers need to conduct fact-gathering interviews that positively reinforce the hiring process and your organizational culture.

This course offers:

  • An engaging training design.
  • Realistic hiring situations and skill practice sessions that reinforce the importance of strong interviewing skills.
  • Contemporary course materials that reflect today’s workplace—including videos specific to sales, health care, manufacturing, and professional environments.

Targeted Selection®: Interviewer Practice Lab

The Targeted Selection: Interviewer Practice Lab is a classroom interviewing skill practice session for web-based learners. It can be used to supplement the Interviewer one-day core program for classroom learners, and/or facilitate refresher training for interviewers wanting to sharpen their skills.

Targeted Selection®: Interviewer Virtual Practice Lab

The Targeted Selection: Interviewer Virtual Practice Lab is a live, web-based skill practice session for learners who have completed Targeted Selection web-based training. This half-day practice lab provides web-based learners with the same opportunity for intensive practice of their new interviewing skills in a safe, structured environment—only facilitated online.

Targeted Selection®: Interviewer Personal Practice

Targeted Selection: Interviewer Personal Practice provides learners with a telephone-based interviewing skill practice session with a DDI Coach. Learners receive both immediate feedback and a written feedback summary.

Targeted Selection®: Interviewer Refresher

The Targeted Selection: Interviewer Refresher is an online, self-paced course used to reinforce the concepts and skills learned by interviewers in the Targeted Selection: Interviewer workshop.

Targeted Selection®: Interviewing for Technical Skills

Targeted Selection: Interviewing for Technical Skills teaches interviewers how use the Targeted Selection system to gather specific information on the critical, job-related skills candidates need to be successful, and further strengthens their interviewing skills. Available in classroom- or web-based options.

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