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Targeted Selection®:
The Art and Science of
Behavioral Interviewing


The Art and Science of Behavioral Interviewing

Research shows 60% of job seekers have a poor candidate experience. And 47% of interviewers spend less than 30 minutes reviewing a candidate’s interview results before making a decision. No wonder almost half of new recruits fail within the first 18 months on the job.

Selecting the right person for the job is a process. It combines the art of the interview with the science behind gathering and integrating objective data. To address both, DDI designed two half-day courses to help you select the best candidate.

The Art of Behavioral Interviewing is considered the “what to do.”  It prepares interviewers for one of the most critical moments in the selection process—the interview. The Art of Behavioral Interviewing teaches hiring managers and interview team members how to conduct interviews that are objective, fair, and provide the candidate the opportunity to shine. Learners leave the class knowing how to build rapport, manage an interview, and ask pertinent questions to gather data that are predictive of future on-the-job success.

The Science of Behavioral Interviewing investigates “how and why it works.” It teaches interviewers how to make the best hiring decisions by collecting high-quality behavioral data around job-related criteria for success. Interviewers build their skills in using an objective, consistent, and unbiased process for evaluating candidate data, and learn how sharing their data and considering the data that other interviewers have collected leads to hiring the best candidate every time.

Together, these two courses can help your organization:

  • Lower employee turnover by ensuring the candidate’s fit   
  • Reduce bias in the hiring process 
  • Gather relevant data that tells the whole story about candidates 
  • Prevent your interviewers from asking potentially illegal questions   
  • Enhance your company’s brand with an exceptional candidate experience 
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