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Virtual Reality for Soft Skills Training

Prepare for tough leadership conversations
in a safe virtual world

Understanding the theory behind leadership skills is easy.

Virtual Reality for Soft Skills TrainingBut applying those skills in everyday conversations? That’s tough—especially when the other person is angry, defensive, or even starts crying. The way leaders use their soft skills in those situations can make all the difference. Unfortunately, many leaders are unprepared for these high-stress situations because they’ve never had a chance to practice.

Virtual reality (VR) can change that.

Why use VR for soft skills training

With DDI's VR soft skills training, we bring our award-winning leadership development content to life in challenging scenarios that test leaders’ real-time reactions.

Virtual reality offers a unique set of benefits for leadership training:

  • Next-level role playing: Practicing with a partner forms an excellent foundation for skill-building in the classroom. But unless your partner is a great actor, chances are they won’t really challenge you. But those things happen in real life–and in VR, we can prepare you for it.
  • Just-in-time support: Your leaders can plunge into a virtual world anytime to reinforce their skills, even if it’s been months or years since they had training. Most importantly, they can practice just before an important conversation, boosting their confidence for the real thing.
  • No distractions: No buzzing smartphones, incoming emails, or side conversations. Once the VR headset is on, the scenario commands leaders' full attention.
  • Judgement-free: Forget the awkwardness of what your peer will think of you as you try to role-play a tough scenario. In VR, leaders can give scenarios their full effort without worrying about peer judgement.
  • Personal transparency: It's no secret that most people overestimate their leadership effectiveness. DDI’s VR scenarios offer recording and playback features to enable leaders to objectively review their own performance.
  • Repeatable: Technology never gets impatient. Leaders can practice over and over again until they feel comfortable.

Contact us now to bring DDI virtual reality programs to your organization.

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