Build a Coaching Culture

Building a coaching culture takes serious skill

To stay competitive, you need your employees to constantly learn and improve. How do you get there? Build a coaching culture. 

A coaching culture is an environment where people feel comfortable asking questions and sharing candid feedback. There’s no shame in not knowing something, but there’s ample opportunity to learn. And most of all, anyone can be a coach, whether it’s a peer, direct boss, or even a senior leader.  

Ready to get started creating a coaching culture? Our proven leadership development program will help you quickly develop the skills your leaders need. 

How Our Clients Benefit from a Strong Coaching Culture


85% of leaders rate as effective coaches after DDI training

DDI, Research on the ROI of Leadership Development, 2017


Leaders indicate a 62% improvement in their coaching skills after attending DDI’s programs

DDI, Research on the ROI of Leadership Development, 2017


Direct reports observe a 40% improvement in their manager’s use of effective coaching within 3 months of completing DDI’s programs

DDI Data from Impact Evaluation Research
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Develop Coaching Skills for All Leaders

DDI’s Build a Coaching Culture program develops leaders’ skills so they can support others in finding success. Leaders will learn how to: 

  • Recognize and nurture the potential in others to grow and change 
  • Adopt a growth mindset 
  • Build trust in their coaching relationships 
  • Give productive feedback 
  • Ask questions, connect at a human level, and energize people to take action 

The result is an environment where people feel empowered to share their ideas, strive for better performance, and take on new challenges. Why? Because their leaders are supporting them every step of the way. 

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Begin a Learning Journey to Build Coaching Skills

You can’t build a coaching culture with just a few leaders who excel at it. You need your leaders to share a common understanding of coaching, and how to apply it. It’s the only way to shift the environment.

DDI’s coaching program includes:

  • A self-assessment to reflect on strengths and gaps 
  • High-impact workshops focused on communication, coaching, and feedback 
  • Short digital experiences to dive deeper into coaching skills 
  • On-demand tools to help them plan and practice coaching conversations 
  • Flexible options to adapt coaching models 

By the end, it won’t just be your leaders who have changed. Their teams will be learning and growing alongside them, thanks to the coaching they received.

Ready to develop a coaching culture?