Improve Facilitation Skills

Boost Facilitation Skills for Higher Impact

DDI-certified facilitators have the skills to deliver breakthrough moments of learning and leadership. But with new advancements in learning, there’s even more you can do.

That’s why we offer booster sessions to help your trainers take their facilitation to the next level.

We can help you improve facilitation skills for the virtual classroom or build confidence for a more senior audience. We’ll prepare you to facilitate sessions on diversity and inclusion. Or expand your skill set with interviewer training. We’ll even help you venture into virtual reality!

For every new challenge, we’re by your side to help you keep your skills sharp.

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Make an Impact at the Mid-Level

Mid-level managers have a lot on their shoulders. They've got the unique challenge of translating business strategy from the top and mobilizing execution at the front line. And they need unique skills to do it well. 

The Facilitator Booster: Amplify Insight at the Mid-Level session prepares you to deliver high-impact leadership development courses within the context of the special challenges these leaders face. Plus, you’ll learn how to facilitate insightful discussions anchored to your organization's strategy.

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Foster Inclusion and Courage

Striving to create a safe, authentic space to lead sessions on personal, emotional, or sensitive topics such as diversity and inclusion?

The half-day Facilitator Booster: Foster Inclusion and Courage session equips you with the skills, resources, and tools to foster inclusive and courageous learning experiences. You can help learners feel psychologically safe to express emotion and vulnerability, examine entrenched biases and behaviors, and engage fully in learning that will lead to behavior change. The session is important to lead discussions on DEI, but is useful for any facilitator preparing to lead a session on a challenging topic or intense leadership session.

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Level Up with Interviewer Training

Do your hiring managers need to build interviewing skills? You can expand your DDI facilitator certification to teach DDI’s Targeted Selection® behavioral interviewing system.

With the full-day Facilitator Booster: Targeted Selection session, you'll learn the world’s most accurate behavioral interviewing system. Then you can transfer that knowledge to others in your organization when you deliver both courses: The Art of Behavioral Interviewing and The Science of Behavioral Interviewing. With these skills, you can train others to interview effectively and make the best hiring decisions.

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Develop Leaders in a Virtual World

You don’t have to be within handshake distance to create an engaging classroom experience. For more than a decade, DDI has been at the forefront of delivering virtual classroom programs. In our view, the virtual classroom isn’t just an alternative to a live classroom. It’s a unique, powerful experience that can bring people together from any corner of the world.

But the virtual world is different. And facilitators need a special set of skills to make the virtual experience come to life. With our Facilitator Booster: Virtual Classroom session, your facilitators learn to translate their skills in just a half day.

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Pioneer VR for Leadership Development

There’s a buzz around immersive learning. And it’s for good reason. Virtual reality for leadership development gives your leaders the benefits of on-the-job learning, without the risks of failure.

The half-day Facilitator Booster: Virtual Reality session gives you the skills and confidence to successfully roll out and deliver large-scale VR implementations in your leadership programs. You will learn how to navigate a variety of challenging situations that can arise in VR sessions, build fundamental facilitation skills, become familiar with immersive learning design principles, and learn other techniques to use VR to its fullest at your company.

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