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Virtual Reality Training for Soft Skills

Up Your Training Game

Some of the toughest moments in a leader’s career are the difficult conversations with others. Making those conversations go well depends on a leader’s soft skills, such as listening and showing empathy.

But the problem is that they rarely get to practice first, especially in emotionally charged situations. Virtual reality training for soft skills creates a deeply relevant, hands-on approach that your leaders will remember. 

Deeply Immersive

When you use virtual reality training for soft skills, your leaders are totally focused. No emails popping up. No phones buzzing. They’re completely immersed.

In virtual reality, we can quickly show your leaders how they can practice their skills on the job. We create realistic simulations that put your leaders face-to-face with a team member. They’ll get hit with tough challenges, like difficult conversations, team conflict, or communicating change. And they have to deal with all the emotional baggage that comes with it.

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A Powerful “Flipped” Learning Experience

Flipped learning is one of the hottest new trends in leadership development. Why? It makes the best use of time. Leaders can learn content online or in a virtual classroom. But then they come together to practice their skills and discuss their experience, struggles, and insights.

With our virtual reality training for soft skills, we combine award-winning content from our Interaction Management program with virtual reality skill practice. Once leaders understand the concepts, they jump into a virtual world to practice in a safe environment. Then comes the most powerful part: The discussion with their peers.

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Try and Fail—Without Risk

DDI’S virtual reality training for soft skills is as close as you can get to the real thing without any consequences if you make a mistake. And it is perfect for practice.

There’s no one to be embarrassed in front of in VR. No nervous role playing. You can practice without worrying that a co-worker or partner is judging you. And technology never gets tired or impatient. So you can practice until you feel comfortable.

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Build Confidence in Leadership Skills

The editors at HR Executive Magazine took a deep dive into virtual reality training for soft skills. When they tried the experience, they saw it as a new way for leaders to build confidence in their skills. HR Executive also interviewed DDI clients who tried the experience with their leaders.

According to Yon Sugiharto, Director of Learning and Development for Yale Medicine, “This is more than just having someone stand in front of a classroom and teach leadership. Our faculty don’t have a lot of time to attend scheduled classes, so to offer a safe environment where they can don their VR goggles at a time which is more convenient to them and have their learning experiences, it would offer enhanced engagement for them.”

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