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Numbers that Count

DDI has a single purpose: help organizations develop the leaders they will need to tackle business challenges. The solutions we build for our clients come from DDI’s array of proven products and services, designed and delivered by our 1,000+ leadership experts around the world. The numbers speak for themselves.

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Proof Positive: Impact

Leadership Development

37%25 42%25 Organizations report 42%25 improvement
DDI leadership development participants show 36% behavior change in critical leader competencies.
Productivity Improvement  
Organizations report 42% improvement in productivity and 37% in efficiency following DDI leadership programs.

Succession Management

DDI's succession management clients achieved:
14% year-to-year improvement in job performance of newly placed leaders
year-to-year improvement in job performance of newly placed leaders.
All other organizations average only 7%
20% improvement in percentage of key positions filled by internal candidates
improvement in percentage of key positions filled by internal candidates.
All other organization averaged only 4%
13% improvement in employee engagement
improvement in employee engagement.
All other organizations averaged only 5%
84% high-potential retention rate
high-potential retention rate.
All others averaged only 74%
62% of new leaders exceeded expectations
of new leaders exceeded expectations.
All others averaged only 51%
50% of key roles had ready successors in place
of key roles had ready successors in place.
All others averaged only 39%


DDI Assessment Scorers
Top DDI assessment scorers are more likely to excel in leadership performance.
Business-Relevant Insight
of executives gain business-relevant insight
about their talent from DDI assessments.

DDI assessment participants are 78% more likely to stay with an organization after completing the assessment.

Organizations with executives scoring in the top third on DDI’s assessment of leadership competencies achieved a 33% higher revenue growth rate than their competitors. Those with executives scoring in the bottom third experienced 13% lower revenue growth compared to competitors.
400%25 ROI
DDI assessment paired with DDI development leads to ROIs of up to 400%.


Interviewing: 56% Higher impact on productivity | 58% Higher impact on customer satisfaction | 47% Higher impact on financial performance


Organizations with highly engaged leaders are 9x more likely to outperform their peers financially.
Top scorers on DDI tests are 13.6x more likely to be highly engaged on the job.

Proof Positive: Sustaining Excellence


Number One Number One breadth of services global scalability market experience
According to Bersin’s Leadership Development Study, this is why DDI serves its clients more effectively than 22 other leadership development consultancies.

DDI rated #1 for breadth, depth and currency of offerings. "DDI continually challenges itself to deepen its understanding of Leadership with a rigorous, scientific approach to research."
ALM Intelligence, Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory, Leadership Development Consulting ©2015
DDI Worldwide


DDI’s industry leadership and social influence Klout score: 68 (higher than any competitor).
Helping HR professionals, leaders, and job seekers change the workplace dramatically.

Proof Positive: Sustaining Excellence

People + Solutions

DDI invests 8% in R&D annually compared to companies across all industries who spend between 1% and 5%.
The number of clients who report DDI solutions lead to measurable change and sustainable outcomes year after year.
Seven X
7x Human Resource Executive awarded DDI’s new products top honor 7 times.
31 The number of hours each DDI professional spends sharpening skills annually.
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