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Create a Learning Journey for Leaders

What Is a Learning Journey?

A learning journey is a strategic approach to developing groups of leaders over time. It’s based on the principle that true behavior change takes time, and that people learn best together – as long as they can personalize their experience.

At DDI, we create learning journeys to maximize the time and effectiveness of leadership development. Learning journeys offer the right blend of personalized learning with group connection. For example, leaders can take assessments, pursue online learning, and coaching to boost their knowledge and insight. But they cement learning when they come together in virtual or in-person classroom session.

Ready to get started? We offer proven, competency-based learning journeys you can implement right away. Or we can work with you to create a completely custom learning journey, just for you. Either way, we’re ready to start walking by your side as your leaders begin their transformation.

Compared to Companies That Use More Traditional Learning Methods, Companies That Use a Blended Learning Journey Are:


more likely to be financially successful

DDI, Global Leadership Forecast


more likely to have strong leadership

DDI, Global Leadership Forecast


more likely to have high-caliber leadership development

DDI, Global Leadership Forecast

You’re providing a really robust environment for frontline leaders to assess who they are, what they have to do in this new role, and how they need to grow.

— Bill Ahern, North American Head of Leadership Development, Sanofi

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Start with the Basics

Most companies get started with a core program to get all of their leaders on the same page. And that’s where DDI shines.

Based on our 50 years of experience, our Core 480 Learning Journey is one of the most proven programs in the industry. Your leaders will gain essential communication and coaching skills to start transforming your company’s leadership culture.

Best of all? The journey is totally flexible. We offer multiple formats, including virtual classroom options, onsite workshops, web-based training, microcourses and much more.

Develop core leadership skills

Design Your Own Learning Journey

Our experienced leadership consultants are ready to work with you to create a custom program, just for your leaders.

We start by understanding the business goals you need to accomplish. From there, we’ll work by your side to curate the perfect blend of content to ensure your leaders will gain the right skills. Then we’ll tailor learning formats that will best fit your culture and your leaders’ needs.

At the end of the day, it’s all about you and getting the results your company needs.

Learn about our consulting approach

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Want to Take Things Virtual?

At DDI, we’re big believers in the power of learning together. But that doesn't mean it has to be in-person.

As many companies have shifted to a virtual workplace, we’ve taken leadership development with it. We offer learning journeys that take place entirely in the virtual world.

But that doesn’t mean you miss out on human connection. Our virtual classroom format creates the same bond leaders get in the classroom – just without handshakes.

Learn about virtual classroom

Don’t Forget Microlearning

The key to creating successful learning journeys is to sustain learning in between classroom sessions. And that’s where microlearning comes in.

Microlearning offers quick learning experiences that help leaders practice and deepen their skills between larger learning sessions. It can be things like short courses, videos, self-assessments, online tools, or other quick formats.

In just a few minutes, microlearning offers a quick boost to keep your leaders engaged.

Explore microlearning