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Executive Teams

Build executive team effectiveness for the bottom line

In our decades of experience with executive teams, one theme most often correlates with high performance: alignment. DDI’s Executive Services group has worked with hundreds of executive leaders to build alignment to their vision, practices and purpose as a group. These critical steps ensure their ability to translate their larger business strategy into a clear and logical execution plan, propelling the business toward growth. With organizations around the world, we have found that executive team alignment and coordinated action sets a performance precedent and serves as a model for how all the other groups in your organization are expected to operate.

  • Day-in-the-life C-level assessments designed to simulate the unique challenges of the C-Suite.
  • Executive coaching for leaders transitioning into a new role, dealing with significant changes, facing a crisis, or simply looking to enhance their performance.

Problems we solve

It’s no secret that most people who reach the top of the organization get there because they have a strong vision and a powerful drive to succeed. Consequently, it’s no surprise that there’s often disagreement within executive teams about how to approach current issues and strategize for the future. While healthy debate fuels better outcomes, they won’t be realized unless the group adopts shared priorities and values that cultivate a culture of performance that enables and strengthens strategic intent. Here are some of the common situations in which our clients seek out our help:

  • Align a new executive team: When there are new executives in the group, especially following a shake-up in the C-suite or a merger/acquisition, we help them evaluate their strengths and gaps, and align their goals, values, and approaches to create a common vision for the future.
  • Reboot an incumbent executive team: As companies look to build momentum and focus for growth, it’s necessary to periodically take stock of alignment and cohesion. We work with executives to identify new opportunities for growth and create accountability for reaching new development goals.
  • Develop a group charter for a new strategic direction: When the company is looking to head in a new direction, success depends on the commitment to adopt a unified approach. DDI works to identify critical adjustments for success and commit to key actions that contribute to a stronger organization.
Getting Succession Right
The right CEO candidate and a strong executive team was selected and onboarded—positioning the organization for a successful transformation.

How we work with you

Our experienced consultants walk alongside your executive team on their journey to transformation. While our services are tailored to each client’s individual needs, here’s a general overview of the process you can expect when you work with DDI:

  • Download: DDI consultants will conduct interviews with your C-suite leaders and other critical members to fully understand your business context, company culture, and challenges.
  • Assess & Learn: Members of the executive team will go through both group and individual assessments and receive personalized feedback from a DDI Executive Consultant.
  • Grow Together: DDI will work with your internal planning group to develop a multi-day Executive Leadership Team Alignment and Growth Session. The agenda will include a discussion of what a high-performance executive team looks like for your company, an in-depth review of the results of the team and individual personality assessment, creation of group charter and a customized skill building component based on your strengths and challenges.
  • Spring Forward: We will help you track progress on both an individual and a group level. Your ELT will work with DDI executive consultants for on-going coaching and skill building.

Whether an executive team is just getting off the ground, dealing with significant organizational changes, or in need of an overhaul, DDI is by their side to provide energizing support for future success.

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