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Executive Services

Build a strong team of executives, C-suite leaders, and board directors

At the executive level, there’s not a moment to waste. The decisions made every minute, every day, every month have far-reaching and long-lasting implications for the organization – for good or for bad.

With decades of experience working alongside boards of directors, CEOs, and executive teams at the world’s top companies, DDI’s Executive Services group will be by your side to guide executive success through constant change. With our collective experience as current and former executives, organizational psychologists, and business consultants, we are trusted advisors to help top executives navigate difficult transitions in every extreme.


Our Suite of Services

We create tailored solutions to meet our clients’ unique business challenges that build on our services in several key areas:

  • Executive, C-suite, and CEO assessment: Gain objective insight into the strengths and challenges of current and potential executive leaders.
  • Executive coaching: Support leaders in finding success in their roles, particularly amid the most challenging transitions or dilemmas.
  • Executive team and board effectiveness: Align and develop your entire executive team or board of directors toward common goals.
  • Succession Management: Prepare a strong group of leaders to fill critical roles.
Getting Succession Right
Your next great CEO might be very different than your last great CEO.

How we approach executive challenges

Based on our work with thousands of companies, we’ve identified five key challenges facing most companies at the executive level, and can share stories about how we’ve helped our clients meet these challenges.

Prepare leaders for succession

Only 14 percent of companies say they have a strong bench of future leaders. We help companies identify a pool of highly qualified candidates and accelerate their development to quickly fill critical leadership positions.

Learn how DDI helped a financial firm build a strong senior leadership bench following a wave of retirements.

Align team focus and effectiveness

Company success hinges on alignment of the executive team around strategy, focus, and vision for the future. We help our clients gain a holistic view of the collective strengths and challenges for their entire executive team, and develop as a team toward unified goals.

Read how DDI worked with a global retail company to align the executive team after a series of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Lead positive, rapid transformation

Rapidly advancing technologies and changing market conditions put demands on executives to quickly pivot their companies in new directions. We work with both individual executives and their teams to help them rapidly lead change.

Check out how DDI helped a new healthcare CEO and his executive team boost employee engagement and improve company culture during a period of rapid transformation.

Accelerate success in transitions

Whether because of a rapid CEO transition, an unexpected C-suite departure, or the result of a merger, there’s often little time to waste in getting key executives up to speed in a new position. We work with individual executives and their teams to accelerate development and success in new roles.

Find out how DDI was by the side of an incoming CEO of a manufacturing company to help him accelerate his development toward success and solidify relationships with his team.

Select and grow highly capable leaders

The strength of an executive team is defined not by the skills they have to meet current challenges, but by their ability to meet changing business goals ahead. We work alongside executive teams to help them advance their skills and preparedness for the changing business context of the future.

Learn how DDI supported a global manufacturing organization in building a strong, capable executive team to execute on a major organizational transformation.

Seeing the Next CEO
How Gundersen Health System identified its next CEO.

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