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Mike Lin

Mike Lin

Head of Accelerated Development Solutions, DDI Greater China

Mike Lin is the Head of Accelerated Development Solutions, DDI Greater China. He is responsible for research and development of online and classroom training, design and optimization of learning experience, collaboration with strategic partners, development and cultivation of consultants.

Mike has extensive experience and great achievements, as a senior consultant and organization coach, in the field of business management, training and organization human resource development. In the field of training, he made good use of coaching skills, experiential learning method as well as providing customized solutions is among his expertise, which assists people to set goals, develop their potentials, and enhance their abilities to drive personal or organization goals.

In the field of assessment, Mike focuses on organization elite talent development. He is good at using various assessment tools and combining organization needs to customize online and classroom training and development projects, which assists organizations to develop human resources and promote the realization of business goals.

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