Executive Transition Coaching

Don't Do It Alone

“The stark reality is what I thought this VP role was, and then what the last few months have been, it’s very different.”  We hear this often in our executive transition coaching program.

For new executives, it's hard to see what's coming. Suddenly, their every move carries higher risk, more complexity, and broader impact.  And the pressure is intense. While these are smart, talented leaders, data shows that about half of them fail within two years.

Why? They don't get enough support. That’s why we created a special form of executive transition coaching called “Pressure Point Coaching.” In a few weeks, we help them find their key pressure points, and avoid the pitfalls ahead. That way, they can find success, faster.

The Reality of Executive Transitions


of executive transitions fail

McKinsey 2019


of new executives are unprepared to shape company strategy

DDI High Resolution Leadership 2017


of HR professionals say they have a strong bench to fill leadership roles

DDI Global Leadership Forecast 2021
Illustration showing four pressure points that executive transition coaching can address, including leading the business, leading teams, leading yourself, and building your network?auto=format&q=75

The 4 Forces of Executive Pressure

Executives say they feel intense pressure and stress as they step into their new roles. And everything is thrown at them all at once.

In our executive transition coaching program, we explore four distinct areas of pressure for executives around leading the business, their teams, their networks, and themselves. Then we work with them to pinpoint the most acute areas for them.

Once we’ve identified their key “pressure points,” our executive coaches help them focus their development in those key areas. That way, they don’t get overwhelmed, and can focus on the most critical areas for success.

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It was very valuable and if you think you don’t need it, you probably really do need it. We came to the realization that I had a glaring issue that totally wasn’t even on my radar. 

— Executive participant

Avoiding Potential Pitfalls

When executives are under pressure, they start heading for some serious pitfalls. Based on our decades of executive coaching, we created a library of common pitfalls aligned to the four types of pressure.

In our executive transition coaching program, we help executives recognize the symptoms of each of these pitfalls. Then we prioritize the pitfalls they are most likely to encounter based on their situation.

From there, we help them create a development path that will steer clear of their most likely pitfalls.

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I didn’t have a true sense of the executive culture, and how to thrive and succeed. This helped me understand the top priorities of my new role. 

— Executive participant

Helping New Executives Get Ready Fast

It’s easy for new executives to get overwhelmed with their new roles. After all, the jump from an operational role to an executive role requires major transformation. And that happens much more successfully—and faster—when they develop self-awareness about both their personality and their skills.

DDI’s executive leadership training program helps new executives get insights to grow into their roles quickly and make an impact right away.

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