Executive Leadership Training Program

Accelerate Executive Development

The transition to an executive role is a major transformation. Executives must move from an operational focus to big picture strategy.

And at this level, leadership is more personal than ever. Executives need to have deep self-awareness, both about their personality and their skills. As a result, executive leadership training needs to focus on both skill gaps and personal needs.

DDI’s executive leadership training offers both to help people their grow executive judgment and skill.

Grow Executive Judgement and Skill

The executive development program kicks off with our proprietary “Pressure Point” coaching for new executives. We look for common themes about the specific pitfalls that pose the biggest risk to your executives. For example, it could be their communication skills, or how they influence or inspire others.

Then, we work with your team to deliver custom development that focuses on those skills. Some learning can take place formally as a group in short, 90-minute sessions. Or, learning can happen individually. And it’s all boosted with personalized, high-speed microcoaching.

Learn about executive transition coaching

Through our research, we’ve identified 4 major forces that cause new executives to struggle. How your new executives handle these 4 forces will ultimately decide if they’ll succeed or fail.

— The 4 Forces of Executive Pressure: Why Your New Executives are Drowning

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