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Executive Leadership Training Program

Give Executives a Strategic Leadership Experience

The transition from an operational role to an executive position requires major transformation. New executives need to shift from driving operational excellence to big picture strategy. Our immersive executive leadership training program can help leaders navigate and excel through this transition. 

DDI’s Strategic Leadership Experience is a multi-day program that will help your executives prepare for the unique challenges and demands of senior strategic leadership.  Executives participate in a group business simulation where they play nine different roles crucial to executive success.  These roles are designed to broaden thinking to reach higher levels of strategic thought. Furthermore, participants get to see the outcomes of their decisions on the business.


of participants improved their ability to operate strategically in their roles

DDI, The Impact of DDI's Strategic Leadership Experience

Immerse Leaders in the Nine Strategic Roles

Based on DDI’s decades of experience working with executives, we identified nine key ways that strategic leaders need to think differently.  

During the simulation, executives are asked to step into each role, such as: 

  • Captivator, who builds passion and commitment in the organization  
  • Talent Advocate, who ensures the business has the people with the right skills to drive the business forward 
  • Entrepreneur, who boldly explores new markets and opportunities 
  • Mobilizer, who quickly aligns stakeholders and resources to get things done quickly 

By the end of our executive leadership training program, executives experience all nine roles so they see the big picture of strategic thinking.

Since the Strategic Leadership Experience I’ve been highly involved in corporate diversity initiatives and philosophy development, and I’ve changed careers! I’m seeing a much bigger picture of our whole system…outside our corporate walls.” 

— participant feedback

Build a Powerful Bond Among Your Executives

DDI’s Strategic Leadership Experience is designed with strong networks in mind. Throughout the simulation, executives work as a team. Plus, they get to see the business impact of the decisions they made together. Your executives will connect with one another and keep those bonds long after the program is over. 

The relationships built during DDI’s executive leadership training program help your leaders break down silos, and work across department and business units. As your high potentials advance to the top ranks, this bond ensures a strong, connected executive bench.  

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Pivotal Development for High Potentials

For many of our clients, the Strategic Leadership Experience is a coveted program only offered once or twice a year.  High potential executives strive to be nominated, as they know it is an investment in their future at the company.   

DDI’s executive leadership training program can also mark a pivotal point in a leader's career, helping to differentiate potential C-suite executives from other senior positions. Some executives may quickly understand their new responsibilities and accelerate their development. Meanwhile, others may advance beyond their current role, but may not have senior executive or C-suite potential.